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You may have not been aware of this little village until recently, especially if you don’t keep tabs on local Spanish culture. However, thanks to an article in British newspaper “The Sunday Times” last month, Ojén has now been given some great free publicity. Out of the 50 best places in the world to live, according to the paper, Ojén ranks as a modest number 35, ahead of Paris and Rome. According to the Sierra de las Nieves website, ‘Without a doubt, this is an excellent advertising opportunity for Ojén from a prestigious international travel magazine and therefore also for the whole area of the Sierra de las Nieves.’

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you don’t like the very windy road access to and from the village, but it certainly has charm. Julio Iglesias thinks highly of it as he bought a house there. After the terrible forest fires of 2012, the countryside around Ojén is once again almost back to normal and the sea & mountain views are lovely. There are plenty of nice bar & restaurants to visit where you can experience the local cuisine. If you fancy a swim after your meal or drink, then you can always visit the “Piscina de Ojén” Bar/Restaurant. For a very modest entry fee then you can enjoy the pool all day long, as well as taking in the fantastic views.

If this has whetted your appetite, then why not have a look on our property pages to find your ideal home in this ideal village of Ojén?


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If you are a foreigner, ex-pat living here in Spain, maybe you have never even considered the idea of registering with the Town Hall that administers the area where you live. Perhaps you think that registering really just applies to Spanish residents and that there are really no benefits for you to register (or “empadronarse” as the term is in Spanish). Read more »


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We always strive to do our best when helping our clients to find their ideal home here in Spain. We receive many emails of appreciation from former clients who have made their dreams a reality and for that we are very grateful as it makes all our hard work worthwhile. The following is from an email we received from a couple who actually asked us to put their testimonial on our website. We aim to please so here it is… Read more »

Proyecto de San Pedro

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Marbella Town Hall plans to bring Marbella back to its former glory with a daring new investment. In San Pedro the big project has commenced, constructing a new boulevard of 55.000m² along the main street of San Pedro. Consisting of a very modern design it takes advantage of the maximum space available, offering bars, cafeterias and lots of entertainment areas as: an ice skating rink, Children´s Park, cycle lanes, amphitheatre and water features.

Sources: http://www.estudiosegui.com/historial/planeamiento/espacios-publicos/126


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Last month I had the opportunity to go with a good friend of mine to the “Maria Zambrano” shopping centre, located in the centre of Málaga. Thanks to an internet promotion, I got a ticket with a special discount for a revolutionary new technique that has become very popular in recent times: Permanent Nail Varnish.

What is it exactly? It is not actually that different from what all we do at home; the enamel that the beauticians use is painted on as a thin film that is then dried with a special lamp (the same as used for gel nail varnish).

The result is having dream nails in just under an hour, with a brilliant shine that catches the eye and that will last about 3 weeks. The promotion of this new franchise lasts until 31st May, so don’t delay in booking your appointment.